Receiving stations

Bulk material receiving systems for heating and power plants, designed to meet the unique requirements of each application. During the design phase, we pay close attention to the special features of both the intended use and the material to be moved, ensuring the reliability and easy maintenance of the equipment. 

Receiving station from Seimec

When designing receiving station, we invest time on the flexibility of the devices, so that they are suitable for a wide variety of fuels and different needs of heat and power plants. As the reception stations are optimized for each use, we ensure that they effectively meet the requirements for fuel receiving, storage and handling.

Seimec vastaanottoasema

In addition to all this, we pay special attention to sustainability and environmental friendliness in our design. Our receiving stations are designed to withstand even demanding conditions like finnish lapland and meet the highest environmental standards.

Receiving system maintenance 

We also provide our own maintenance contracts.. It involves spare parts and maintaining the Receiving stations, even the bulk material handling systems made by other providers..

Contact our sales down below or our other experts here to find a solid fuel receiving station that is right for your needs. We guarantee that the solutions we offer are reliable, safe and meet the needs of even the most demanding applications.

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