Seimec offers high-quality disc screens for efficient and precisely dimensioned devices that meet your versatile screening needs. Disc screens are part of our comprehensive range of products and are carefully designed to the desired capacity and resolution, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for each application.

Seimec disc screens

Disc screens enable effective screening in a variety of ways. The screens offered by Seimec Service are customized, with optimized capacity and have top-class performance.

Seimec disc screens offer excellent separation capabilities for different materials, such as crushed stone and sand.

Screens are designed precisely. The design of our disc screens is based on a precise analysis of needs, which guarantees the optimal performance of the devices.

Our screens are made of high-quality materials that are durable and long-lasting, thus reducing maintenance costs.

In the design of our disc screens, special attention has been paid to ease of use and maintainability, which minimizes downtime and improves productivity. If you wish, you can also get a customized maintanance contract from us, which takes into account your unique needs.

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Seimec Oy is committed to offering high-quality screening solutions, and our disc screens play a key role in that. Find out more about our services here or contact our experienced experts here to find a solution that suits your screening needs. When you want a reliable and efficient disc screen - choose Seimec.

We also offer many other products for feeding and transferring solid fuel and bulk material. 

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Disc Screens by Seimec Services Oy
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