Dosing stations

Dosing stations from Seimec. Seimec sulfur granulate tower is a tried-and-tested solution at CHP plants when switching from burning peat to wood chips and other fuels that consume boiler pipelines.

Times change, so does fuels and fuel dosing..

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Bulk material dosing station

With our bulk material dosing station, both small and large quantities can be accurately dosed, taking into account different kind of processes.

Dosing is done with a precision screw, which is controlled by a frequency converter. In the design of our sulfur granulate tower we have paid special attention to the accuracy of dosing, usability and competitive purchase price.

Seimec Dosing station for a better performance

Dosing station complement the system comprehensively. Since Seimec's dosing stations enable precise and controlled feeding of sulfur granules, our product plays a key role in optimizing the quality of fuels and improving the power plant's performance.

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Dosing stations maintenance and spare parts

The strengths of our service is in-house design, part manufacturing and in-house production as well as maintenance service. We manufacture our products in our own workshop, from high-quality components. Our products are guaranteed Finnish production. Maintenance service includes our own products as well as other provider's.

Ask more about our sulfur granulate tower and dosing stations from our sales from down below. You can find other contact information at this link. You can also get to know our other products and service offerings here.

Our product range involves Rotary feeders, Disc screens, Flight conveyors, Receiving stations, Screw conveyors and Bulk material crushers..


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Dosing stations by Seimec Service Oy

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