Seimec crushers

Crushing of oversized particles in solid fuel. The power and capacity of crushers are always measured according to the purpose of use. Seimec Service Oy's crushers are reliable and easy to maintain.

Crusher design and usage

The materials that the crusher breaks down are e.g. bio-based materials (chips, bark, sawdust, peat.), limestone, agricultural materials, lignin and other materials as well.

Our bulk material crushers are customized according to material size, capacity, material type and location. Easy maintenance and otherwise customized equipment enable the most suitable end result for the customer. Seimec Service's other service offering guarantees your satisfaction. We are a reliable partner whose service contracts can be tailored to your needs.

More about our bulk material crushers

The crushers are part of e.g. fuel handling process. If you want to ask more about Seimec crushers, you can find our sales contact information below and other contact information at this link.

Since other products are needed for the processing of fuel and bulk materials, you can familiarize yourself with our products and service offering from the links.

Seimec murskain

Bulk material crushers by Seimec Service Oy
Teijo Pasanen