Flight conveyors

Seimec's versatile selection includes single- and double-chain flight conveyors. They are designed to meet even the most demanding industrial and material handling conditions.

Flight conveyors from Seimec

Seimec Serivce Oy's range of single- and double-chain conveyors offer efficient and reliable solutions for transporting material.

If necessary, we can equip the block conveyor with various additional features, already installed. These include, for example, fire extinguishing pipelines, break membranes, plastic bases and shelter heating.

The extinguishing piping protects the device from possible fires, the rupture membranes reduce material splashing and the plastic bases can increase the durability of the conveyor. On the other hand, co-heating is an excellent solution to prevent freezing in cold conditions.

Seimec's flight conveyor is excellent for various industries, such as mining, power plants and material handling.

Seimec is known for its high-quality and durable material handling solutions. Reliability, efficiency and customer-oriented expertise are our core values, and we strive to offer our customers the best possible solutions for their unique needs. A good example of this is our customized maintenance contracts.

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Flight conveyor by Seimec Service Oy
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