Screw conveyors

Seimec screw conveyor is always manufactured to meet the demanding needs of our clients and provide excellent performance under the most difficult process conditions.

Screw conveyor from Seimec

Our tailor-made screw conveyors are always carefully customized according to the unique needs of the customers and the factory, offering a cost-effective and reliable solution. 

Customization takes into account the capacity, distance, material to be transported and purpose of use, ensuring a perfect fit for the customer's needs.

Screw conveyors are ideal for transporting, unloading and feeding various materials such as wood chips, sand and ash. In addition, they are also suitable for handling wet materials if necessary, which increases the possibilities of using the screw conveyor for a wide range of needs.

We offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting bulk materials over short and long distances both horizontally and vertically.

Seimec ruuvikuljetin

Thanks to the ease of use and versatile application possibilities, our screw conveyors can also be customized for special needs, such as cooling, heating and dividing the material flow. This makes Seimec screw conveyors an excellent choice for you.

Screw conveyors for conveyance and dispensing of materials. U-shaped trough or tubular frame according to intended use, sizes up to ∅ 1,000 mm

Screw conveyor maintenance

We also offer maintenance contracts tailored to customers unique needs. Maintenance contract involves the need of a spare parts and other maintaining.. Including other provider's bulk material handling systems..

If you are looking for a reliable and versatile screw conveyor solution, Seimec offers high-quality and efficient options. Check out our services and other products here. Or if in a specific need of a screw conveyor contact our experts to find the perfect screw conveyor for your needs.

Our product range involves Flight conveyors, Rotary feeders, Dosing stations, Bulk material crushers, Disc screens and Receiving stations.


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Screw conveyor by Seimec
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